Spacefleet Ltd is a company that is aiming to provide a space transport service to take users' payloads to sub-orbital and orbital space. This website is a shop window for the Spacefleet projects and sales, and it aims to grow a community of space enthusiasts. If you join up (see panel to the right), you will have access to the discussion forum, the Space News archive, you will be able to submit your own articles to the "Space News" section.

The very-long-term aim: an organisation that will provide space transport services on a commercial, international basis. The visionary writer, Arthur C Clarke once proclaimed: "We will take no frontiers into space!". We agree.

Spacefleet sub-orbital space tourism concept vehicle

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Unlike some space projects you may see around the web with flashy web sites but no hardware built and no practical progress made, the Spacefleet projects have real hardware, for the EARL, Dart and PDRE projects. Spacefleet Ltd is based in the UK, and we have associates in Romania and Ukraine with workshops dedicated to our shared projects. When we have enough funding we will be able to expand into business premises in the UK and elsewhere. Before we can do that, we have to be able to take the critical step in providing a sub-orbital launch service, which we will do.